Dan 2 1788


Today, I took lartha down to the lake to teach her how to fetch. She didn’t ,Goodwin said why is that dog off the lead. Put him back on the rope or i’ll tie you up against the tree. I went back to my tent I need to repay Waraui. I had a dice a piece of sewing material  and a button I needed more for Waraui. Hey cook can I have animal dripping from my boots no we are real low on food said cook. While he was speaking  I grabbed a bag of fat and threw it on the dirt for Waraui. We were going to do some marching soon. I brought some food to Lieutenant Roberts he gave me a telescope, I was going to give that to Waraui. Now we did the drumming I was the drummer I wonder in the future i’ll be ever be a Marcher.

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